March 22, 2023

India’s art, architecture, and culture is the design focus of one of its newest hotels

An environmentally conscious design enhances India\’s Maurya Hotel, including solar technology that heats the hotel’s water.
The Golden Age of India’s art, architecture and culture is the design focus of one of its newest hotels. Its evident from the moment they arrive, as guests at the ITC Maurya Hotel are greeted by a paneled dome of a Chaitya (Buddhist Hall), a hand-painted mural that depicts India’s diversity, and gorgeous tapestries from the famed artist M.F. Husain.

Located in the heart of New Delhi’s diplomatic enclave, the hotel takes advantage of its location to cater to international business leaders, royalty and heads-of-state. But ‘common’ guests will also benefit from the luxurious appointments and attention to detail, as no stone had been left unturned in the pursuit of perfection.

The same artistic sense that has been applied to the public spaces is evident in the guestrooms as well as evidenced by massage chairs, butler service and ayurvedic room amenities (complete with instructions) welcome visitors who may have traveled a long way to get there.

Signature dining experiences are on full display at the hotels many outlets which feature Indian, Western and Asian cuisines.

The award-winning Bukhara is by far the most popular; here, diners indulge in clay-oven specialties that are eaten by hand. Another popular option is West View – The Grill, a rooftop restaurant that serves traditional Western cuisine off a buffet while treating diners to stunning views of New Dehli. The Humble House highlights the tastes of Asia, while the most gourmet option is Dum Pukht, a restaurant that features dishes inspired by the Nawabs of Awadh who were known for cooking over a slow fire in earthenware posts called deghs.

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