February 5, 2023

From adventure in Los Cabos to nature in La Paz, 3 highlights of Mexico’s southern Baja Peninsula


What do we love to do in the southern region of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula? It’s hard to choose favorites among all the amazing offerings, but the following are three highlights that we’re most excited about now. From exciting outdoor adventures in Los Cabos to the unique wildlife encounters of La Paz, check out what’s hot on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

Outdoor Adventures in Los Cabos
Los Cabos may be best known for luxury beachfront resorts and exciting nightlife, but there are other thrills to be had here. Zipline courses can be enjoyed at Wild Canyon – home to the longest zipline in Baja California – plus a 330-foot-high bungee jump, an exciting ATV tour, and the chance to ride camels through the canyon. Baja Outback offers all-day or multi-day Hummer tours through the desert, mountains, and more off-road areas, a great way to see secluded sights in air-conditioned comfort.

If you’d rather get behind the wheel, High Tide Los Cabos offer clients the chance to drive a 4×4 Jeep through the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains of Southern Baja. Tours with Carisuva In Touch With Nature are a little calmer, but still include rides in off-road vehicles through ranches, creeks, and rocky terrain. Explore more outdoor adventures in Los Cabos here!

What to Do in La Paz
Gaining notice for its pristine beaches, idyllic weather, and off-the-radar vibe, La Paz is one destination you won’t want to miss along the Sea of Cortez’s coast. From mid-December to late March, visitors can see the migration of gray whales on their way to Magdalena Bay from the Arctic and North Atlantic. Wildlife enthusiasts can even get in the water with to snorkel with sea lions or swim with whale sharks, gentle (filter-feeding) giants that surpass 40 feet in length and are the largest fish in the world. Scuba divers will love El Bajo, a dive site known for tuna, giant Pacific mantas, and schools of hammerheads.

On land, the city offers draws as well – century-old buildings mix with modern shops and restaurants, while the Regional Anthropology and History Museum offers insight into La Paz’s earliest inhabitants. And nearby Espiritu Santo is perfect for ecotourists, with 23,800 acres of pristine, UNESCO-protected ecosystems. Discover more highlights of a visit to La Paz here!

Exploring Baja’s East Cape
Ready to explore a new side of Los Cabos? The East Cape may be calling your name! This stretch of mostly undeveloped coastline runs about a hundred miles along the Sea of Cortez, just north of popular San Jose del Cabo. It’s close enough for a day trip, but offers distractions that will easily last for a few days. Visitors to the area can enjoy small towns brimming with local culture, such as sleepy Cabo Pulmo or charming Los Barriles, as well as prime windsurfing and sportfishing opportunities.

One of the main draws is the Cabo Pulmo national marine park, home to one of only three living coral reef systems in North America. Snorkelers and divers in the park can view some 200 species of fish, sea turtles, whales, and sea lions, plus view the sunken remains of a Mexican fishing vessel. Learn more about Baja’s East Cape here!

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