March 22, 2023

Travelers through the Holy Land find helpful tips at their fingertips with apps and MP3s

Before you fly to Jerusalem, try the iKotel app, which features live webcams of Kotel, virtual tours of the Western Wall Tunnels, and more.
Smartphones have become the accessory to never leave home without and those with Israel as their destination will be especially pleased to have access to several new apps and MP3s that highlight many of the country’s offerings for tourists. Consider equipping your mobile device with one or more of the following free downloads before you set off.

JerusaleMP3: The Jerusalem Development Authority has recently debuted these digital walking tours of the Old City’s most notable religious, historical, and cultural sites. The download comes with maps and written explanations ensuring that you’ll get the most out of your sightseeing, all while having the flexibility of scheduling your own tour.

GetTaxi: Cabs are never hard to find for travelers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem who download this app that allows you to order a taxi instantly, track its route, and even pay by credit card.

Tour Haifa: Get the most current information on the cultural happenings in Haifa – from art exhibits to restaurant recommendations – with this app.

Tel Aviv Gay Vibe and TLV Scene: Both of these apps will plug LGBT-minded travelers into the Nonstop City’s restaurant, bar, and club nightlife, with the second app providing VIP benefits and free admission to see-and-be-seen events.

Visit-TLV: Preview pictures and descriptions of Tel Aviv’s top attractions, hotels, museums, beaches, and more with this app that also keeps its finger on the pulse of the city’s event-filled calendar of street parties, concerts, exhibitions, and city tours.

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