June 7, 2023

Have you been dreaming of an Italian getaway? Fascinating history, delicious food, and beautiful nature are some of the things that you will love about this destination. When planning a trip here, you’ll want to visit the best spots. While Italy has many impressive cities to explore, don’t ignore the interesting smaller towns. Check out Italy’s coolest towns.

San Teodoro

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For travelers seeking a beach trip, we recommend heading to San Teodoro. This coastal town is located on the east coast of Sardinia and its known for its white sand beaches and gorgeous countryside. There are several beaches, and impressive bays to explore and foodies will never run out of restaurants to try.


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If you’re looking for a truly unique town while in Italy, Alberobello is it! Located in Southern Italy, the town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Right away you’ll notice the Trulli, or conical-roofed white stone buildings. These structures were first built in the 15th Century, as a way to avoid taxation, as they were easy to demolish. They now serve as an adorable focal point of the town and make for great photos. There are also many shops and eateries to explore here.


Located in Southern Italy, Stilo is a small town that is full of history. Its impressive ancient architecture is one of the most notable highlights. You’ll feel like you’re stepping back into history as you explore its many ancient churches. You can also view the gorgeous Ionian coast while in Stilo. Be sure to try the wine and cheeses as these are some of the local specialties.


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While in Italy, a trip to Vieste is a must. This town is a beach destination, and it’s a great spot to relax. The combination of cliffs and blue waters offer postcard-perfect views. Spend the day enjoying a picnic at the beach or wander around the Old Town to check out the charming architecture and do a bit of shopping. There are many luxury resorts and villas to book here.


Montefalco is another cool Italian town worth checking out. It’s located in the heart of the Perugia province. You’ll get to enjoy a mix of nature and medieval architecture. Montefalco has a quiet, calm feel to it—so if you need a break from busier cities, be sure to stop here. This charming town is known for its winemaking, so plan to do a wine tour during your visit.

Each of these towns provides a quieter, more unique way to experience Italy. Plan to head to some of the exciting big cities, but make time to explore the smaller towns, too.

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