April 2, 2023

Native Flowers in Bloom at Sunset at the PalmsSunset at the Palms, an adults-only resort in Negril, has managed to set itself apart from other all-inclusive properties throughout the island by preserving and presenting Jamaica’s connection to nature. Guests stay in 85 treehouse-style rooms that form a little neighborhood within an authentic and expertly managed jungle environment. Though the resort boasts one of the most stunning beaches in Negril, guest rooms are in fact surrounded by trees and flowers, which beckon to birds and butterflies and bring an added level of serenity and beauty to the entire property.

The resort’s grounds keeping crew, which consists of eight humans and one young goat named Betty, work hard at keeping the hotel’s 20 acres pristine. They love showing off their work on weekly nature tours that highlight Jamaica’s native flora and fauna. Right now, that flora is in full and majestic bloom … but there’s not a bad time of year to appreciate the beauty of the resort’s landscaping.

At the start of summer, blooms include ginger in several varieties – torch, spiral, red, white and pink – as well as species whose names tell you exactly what they look like: banana or chain link heliconia, lobster claw and red shrimp. Many come in the brilliant hues of red and yellow, though there are plenty of pinks and whites to add some cheerful but more subdued colors to the mix. Thanks to the presence of so many flowers, Sunset at the Palms is a haven for countless species of hummingbird, including the swallow-tail hummingbird, which is locally known as the “doctor bird.” There are 320 types of hummingbird, but the iridescent doctor bird can only be found in Jamaica and has therefore fluttered its way into the hearts of locals and visitors alike … and onto Jamaican stamps as the island’s official bird and one of just six national symbols. Guests can see all this and more on weekly nature walks.

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