June 8, 2023

Where to try the city’s specialty, shrimp, in all its glory

When in Mazatlan, take advantage of every opportunity to try fresh shrimp – a culinary specialty not to be missed.
Located on the coast of the Pacific, Mazatlan has become the center of Mexico’s shrimp industry. With such an abundance of this delicacy at their fingertips, the locals have mastered the art of preparing shrimp – here are a few places you shouldn’t miss the chance to try.

El Presidio
Located in Old Mazatlan, this is considered to be one of the best restaurants in town. El Presidio features an upscale ambiance in a restored building with open courtyards filled with plants. Be sure to try to the Mexican fried noodles with grilled zarandeado shrimp.

Mariscos Bahia
This 63-year-old seafood restaurant is the oldest in the city, and also located in Old Mazatlan. The specialty of the house is camarones a la diabla, a shrimp dish that is cooked with seven chiles. Add on some pescado pajaritos, tiny flying fish that are fried to cripy perfection.

La Puntilla
Right on the water, this popular restaurant on the south side of the Mazatlan waterfront has an active marina vibe. For a comprehensive seafood experience, order the huge seafood platter. Others will enjoy the shrimp pate and the aguachile, which are particularly tasty offerings here.

Aquiles Serdan in Old Mazatlan
For a unique, local experience, visit the shrimp-selling ladies who set up camp along Aquiles Serdan in Old Mazatlan. Called Las Changueras, these women display and sell a variety of shrimp from sidewalk tables. Even if you don’t have a kitchen during your trip, don’t let that stop you from making a purchase – it’s a common practice to buy shrimp and have a local neighborhood restaurant prepare it, usually for about $5.

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