June 8, 2023

Piha, Omaha, Auckland, Orewa, Pakiri, or Long Bay are just a few examples of the finest beaches you can discover in New Zealand. If you are eagerly packing your bags and getting ready to head over one of the gorgeous sandy beaches here, these next few summer holiday tips should come in handy.

Check Out Hot Water Beach On The Coromandel Peninsula

This is an amazing looking beach that has many hidden depths. It is best to pack shovels and arrive two hours prior or after a low tide so you can start digging some holes at the line of the tide and enjoy a unique experience: relax in your very own natural hot springs spa. Make sure you spot the tide coming up on time – that will be your cue that the beach spa end will have to end abruptly. These coastal springs are one of a kind and the healthy mineral water is rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium, so you will not solely relax, but also get to do something good for your health. You can also visit the nearby Cathedral Cove at the end of a 40 minute hike there.

Different Activities You Can Do At The Beachside  

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