March 20, 2023

5 celebrations for an Insider experience on the island

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Wondering what to do in Aruba during the off-season? Travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience in this top vacation destination should look no further than the eclectic lineup of local events.

The off-season runs from mid-April through mid-December, giving visitors the opportunity to experience authentic local culture and island events – without the tourist crowds. The following is a list of some of the most unusual and enticing Aruba attractions.

Dera Gai: Taking place on June 24 each year, this traditional harvest festival has been celebrated all over the island for 100 years. Festivities – which reflect the influences of the Arawaks and Spanish missionaries – include bonfires, colorful dress, traditional dances, and symbolic rituals.

Aruba Reef Care Project: This September event gives travelers the chance to give back, when volunteers gather to clean up Aruba’s beaches and reefs. It’s the perfect way to help the natural Caribbean environment – and spend time on Aruba’s stunning beaches.

Aruba Food, Wine, and Art Festival: Another September tradition, this annual two-day festival showcases the island’s art and cuisine. Events include art and photography exhibitions, as well as culinary contests.

Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival: This outdoor music festival originated in 2007, and now attracts an impressive lineup of local and international jazz, Latin, soul, and funk musicians. Bars and food stands serve refreshments around the October festival, adding to the appeal.

Battle of the Food Trucks: In October, food trucks from around the island will gather to serve up their most delicious dishes in pursuit of the title of “Best Food Truck on the Island.” Live music and cultural performances amp up the fun.

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