March 20, 2023

Traveling to a foreign country comes with challenges. You not only need to adjust to language barriers and different cultural customs, but you also have the added stress of trying to get around in a new place. If you don’t have a cell phone provider that includes international data usage, you may be wondering what to do. Luckily, there are some excellent free GPS apps and tools that make it simple to get around when traveling without using data. So whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad, you’ll want to check out these helpful apps:


MAPS.ME is an excellent GPS app to have on your phone. It will require you to plan ahead of time by downloading maps that you want to use. You can download large map files, making it a favorite GPS app for frequent travelers. You can bookmark top attractions or places that you may want to visit—or even your hotel for easy access later. If you struggle to find a specific attraction, you can search by street name or address. With this fantastic app, you can get walking, driving, and even public transportation directions.


Another app to consider trying the next time you need to get around without data is HERE WeGo. This app offers maps and GPS directions in over 100 countries. Just like with MAPS.ME, you’ll need to download the town, city, or region that you wish to visit. Save the downloaded map data on your phone so that you can access it later. One great thing about this app is the ability to save routes ahead of time under the “Collections” area of the app. This app supports walking, car, and public transit directions.

Google Maps

If you have yet to try Google Maps while offline, you’ve been missing out since you can use this easy-to-use GPS app without data. While using the app normally means you need access to data, you can plan ahead. All you need to do is download maps of the towns or cities that you plan to visit in the downloaded maps section. You can download the area that you wish to use in the future. Then use Google Maps to get around when you’re on the go, whether you have data turned on or not. You can get directions for walking, driving, and public transit. Saved map downloads stay within the app for up to 29 days—then they automatically erase to clear up space.

The next time you need to figure out how to get around, you’ll know which apps to use. You might not have access to traffic alerts or updates, but you can avoid getting lost, which is key to enjoying a new city.

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