June 8, 2023

Five favorite snorkel spots on the island

Palau’s Big Drop Off is a prime snorkel and dive site where aquatic visitors can swim with black tip sharks.
The South Pacific island nation of Palau is most known on the international scene for its myriad underwater attractions. There are more than 20 dive sites and snorkel sites that bring marine enthusiasts through caves, channels, walls and sunken ships. Here are five not-to-be-missed snorkel sites.

Big Drop Off

Located along a deep vertical wall that runs along Ngemelis Island, this site is good for both snorkeling and diving, as it drops more than 900 feet. What makes this spot special? The chance to swim with black tip sharks.

Jellyfish Lake
For more wildlife encounters, try the protected lagoon of Jellyfish Lake, where nearly five million stingless jellyfish make their homes. The chance to swim in this lake rife with harmless jellyfish is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Ngemelis Wall
This spot is part of the same system as Big Drop Off, but offers a drift snorkel experience in which tides conveniently push the swimmer along. Highlights include clams that can grow to as much as 250 pounds.

Turtle Cove

One of the most popular and visited sites, this protected beach draws huge crowds of fish around the many boats. Less than 20 feet off the beach, sharks can be spotted trying to sneak a fishy snack.

Rock Islands Kayaking

The water here is so clear that even from above the water, the bottom of a partially submerged sunken vessel can be seen. Take a kayak out to explore the area’s spectacular arches and rock formations, taking breaks to jump in the water for some snorkeling.

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