June 9, 2023

Explore the history of train travel at this Portland museum

Portland, Oregon, has more working steam locomotives than any other city in the country – visit them at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.
For everyone from locomotive lovers to history buffs, the Oregon Rail Heritage Center offers a peek into the nation’s train heritage.

The museum is home to two immaculately restored steam locomotives, which were donated to the city of Portland in 1958 and have since been restored to working order and put on public display. In fact, thanks to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center, Portland now has more working steam locomotives than any other city in the country.

Even the Heritage Center’s location in the Central Eastside Industrial District makes it exciting for transportation enthusiasts to visit. Three different rail lines converge here, making it the meeting point of freight, passenger, and streetcar lines.

Visitors may also be interested in the nearby Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, just a few blocks away.

With all the awe-inspiring wonder of the enormous steam locomotives, combined with the time-traveler feel of glimpsing a bygone era, the Oregon Rail Heritage Center is a great travel stop for visitors of all ages.

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