March 27, 2023

Luxury rail travel is always more about the journey, and not necessarily the destination. Belmond recently announced the creation of three new Grand Suites. Inspired by the great European cities Vienna, Prague, and Budapest, Belmond’s three luxurious suites will grace the legendary Venice-Simplon-Orient Express on March 21, 2020. From hand-embroidered cushions to en-suite bathrooms with private showers, opulence abounds in each detail.

“As with everything on board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the design and careful restoration that goes into each suite, whilst respecting the original 1920s art-deco design, is extraordinary,” Gary Franklin, Vice President, Trains & Cruises, Belmond say. “Each meticulous suite will draw inspiration from the romance, adventure and style of each great European city we travel to…They are a real tribute to the romance and glamour of Europe and the golden era of rail travel.” Here’s a look at the three new suites.

Prague Grand Suite

Credit: Belmond

The Baroque and Gothic architecture of Prague, along with the city’s theatrical feel, is encapsulated in the Prague Grand Suite through rich golds and maroons.

Vienna Grand Suite

Credit: Belmond

Vienna’s imperial nature is reflected with an ornate and classical design brimming with tons of gold and emerald green. The suite is complemented by silk fabrics and touches of dark wood perfectly encapsulating the romantic details of the city.

Budapest Grand Suite

Credit: Belmond

The Budapest Grand Suite aims to capture the essence of both sides of the Danube river. This suite takes inspiration from Gothic and Ottoman architecture and is adorned in detailed silk embroidery patterns.

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