March 27, 2023

Kenya and Tanzania offer once-in-a-lifetime trips for less than a fortune

Use the services of a knowledgeable Botswana safari tour operator to translate your dreams into realities while heeding your budget.
Safaris in Africa top many travelers’ bucket lists. Nothing, after all, compares to the bone-chilling thrill of hearing a lion roar or sleeping beneath millions of stars listening to the soundtrack of the untamed world. But since such excitement usually comes at price, many assume that it’s a trip beyond their means. Turns out that with some insider know-how and advance planning, reasonably priced options exist for those wanting to cross this life-changing experience off their list.

Choose your destination wisely since a variety of factors affect the prices of safari packages. Botswana and its proximity to Johannesburg, for instance, will make the safari prices there steeper than in Kenya or Tanzania. Traveling to these Eastern regions is hardly a concession, of course. Home to the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, and the Masai Mara tribe, there’s plenty to see aside from the Big Five animals, yet the large number of safari operators does allow for competitive pricing.

Consider traveling during the off-season too. In East Africa, the dry season–when the animals migrate north from the brown savannas in search of water – runs from June through September and is primetime for safari-seekers in the Northern Hemisphere with vacation time to burn. If you’re flexible and can plan your trip for January, February, or March during the countries’ “short rains,” you’ll sidestep the crowds and see the savanna grasses turning green and the animals in a more contented state – all while scoring a better price.

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