June 7, 2023

Important information and tips for staying safe in the city

Visitors to Mexico City can download the “My Police” mobile app, which provides immediate contact with police officers.
Travelers interested in visiting Mexico City are in for good news. According to Luis Rosales Gambos, the undersecretary of police operations for Mexico City, the city is working to provide security across a variety of a platforms – and it’s seeing results.

Gambos reports that from 2010 to 2013, crime in the city decreased by 33 percent, resulting in an increase in tourism. In the historic city center, a popular tourist destination, nearly 1,100 police officers and 1,075 security cameras keep it safe. In addition, there are now 13,000 traffic cameras, up from just 200 in the past. The city is even divided into 75 security sectors, so that the local police in each sector can more closely monitor security and more quickly respond to safety situations.

Mexico City also now has an mobile app called “My Police,” for immediate contact with officers. Tourist police who speak both Spanish and English are also around, and can be recognized by their special logos. Tourist safety programs have also been enacted at popular sites including Teotihuacan, Templo Mayor, Chapultepec, the National Museum of Anthropology, Xochimilco and the Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacan.

Check out these safety tips for travel to Mexico City – and most other large cities, for that matter.

– Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry large sums of money or unnecessary credit and debit cards.
– Make a photocopy of your passport, plane (and other transportation) tickets, and driver’s license.
– Download the “My Police” app and save emergency numbers such as 066 (which can be dialed from local phones) and the care center secretary number, 52-55-5208-9898, which can be dialed from foreign mobile phones.
– If you take a taxi, write down the numbers and driver details if they are not clearly posted.
– Use only legal, authorized modes of transport, always avoiding “private” taxis.
– On public transportation, it’s best to sit near the driver and in an aisle seat.

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