March 27, 2023

Take a walking tour, visit a museum, and shop for handcrafted items in Salta, Argentina

The High Mountain Archeological Museum in Salta, Argentina, is home to the mummified remains of Incan children, known as the Llullaillaco Children.
The charming city of Salta, Argentina dates back to 1582, and offers visitors a blend of colonial architecture, natural beauty and culture. Located in the heart of the Argentine Northwest, the city offers a great variety of activities for travelers to enjoy.

Start off with a walking tour in the center of the city, departing from Julio Square. Here, visitors will find a concentration of the main historical buildings, making it the perfect jumping off point. From there, continue on to the imposing Cathedral, where the remains of local hero General Martín Miguel de Güemes are kept. Next up is the nearby Saint Francis Church, a beautiful structure from 1796 that combines Baroque and Italian neoclassical style elements. Other points of interest include Saint Bernard Convent, with a wooden gate sculpted by regional natives, as well as local stores and restaurants.

For more shopping options, the Handcrafts Market in Salta is located in an old house from the 18th century, where some of the region’s finest handmade items can be found. Visitors can pick up handcrafts and articles made from alpaca, wood or leather, as well as browse paintings, clothes and ceramics.

Another must-visit site in Salta is the High Mountain Archeological Museum (MAAM), which is home to a unique archeological treasure tied to the ancient Inca presence in the area: the Llullaillaco Children. The mummified remains were offered as a sacrifice along with gold, silver and clothes.

Finally, be sure to enjoy the panoramic views of the city from Saint Bernard Mountain, which can be reached on foot, by car or by cableway.

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