March 27, 2023

Navigating the city is easier than ever, thanks to travel apps

The free San Francisco Exploration Guide app includes photos, descriptions, maps, directions, and even estimated cab fare for all the city\’s highlights.
Can’t decide where to eat? Looking for the perfect snapshot spot? Trying to keep within your travel budget? Visitors to San Francisco will find a mobile application for every situation. Here’s just a smattering of what’s available to help you find your way.

Local Eats: San Francisco is home to approximately 5,500 eateries, so if you’re not sure where to go, we understand why. Local Eats is an app that specializes in locally-owned restaurants, so you can make sure you’re getting an authentic taste of the city.

San Francisco Travel and Photo Guide: Photographers and tourists have one thing in common – they’re usually on the hunt for the perfect photo op! This app can help you find all the best San Francisco spots for a snapshot.

Free San Francisco: Travelers on a budget won’t want to miss this download, which offers more than 40 listings of free or very low cost San Francisco activities ranging from museums to walking tours.

Golden Gate National Parks Map: The Golden Gate National Park Recreational area is a veritable treasure trove of scenic points and activities. This free app helps you navigate campgrounds, coastal defense batteries, forts, beaches, overlooks, and visitors centers.

San Francisco Exploration Guide: This free guide to the city includes everything you need for exploring, including photos, descriptions, maps, directions and even estimated cab fares. From major attractions to hidden gems, you won’t miss any of the local hotspots with this tucked away in your back pocket.

Cabulous: No cabs in sight? Simply use this app, which allows you to summon the closest taxi.

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