June 8, 2023

Flying on a commercial plane can come with many inconveniences. There are often delays, small, cramped seats, and customer service can be lacking. If you’re sick of the usual unpleasant flying experience and want to try something different, consider booking with JetSuiteX. You’ll get a comfortable seat on a semi-private jet, and you can also enjoy a low ticket price.

JetSuiteX owns a fleet of large private jets and offers tickets at commercial fares. You don’t have to rent out the whole plane — instead, you can book per seat and enjoy a semi-private flying experience. You’ll also get to enjoy other extra perks like no length TSA security process, no crowds, a private terminal, comfortable seats, in-flight service with complimentary snacks and drinks, and free wifi. Now you can look forward to traveling instead of dreading your airport and flight experience.

Just like with any other airline, ticket pricing varies based on route, date, and availability. But, JetSuiteX often has special deals—so keep an eye out for current promos. Daily flights are available to and from the following cities: Burbank, Concord, Las Vegas, Seattle, Oakland, and Orange County. Seasonal locations include Mammoth and Coachella Valley. The company hopes to expand destination offerings in the future.

Credit: JetSuiteX

Another perk is you don’t need to check-in early. Plan to show up to the private terminal about 30 minutes before your flight departure and a staff member will take your luggage and check you in on the spot. Passengers can bring one personal item, and up to two bags weighing 50 lbs in combined weight.

If you’re planning to travel in or out of the cities they service, you’ll want to give this service a try. We have a feeling you’re going to love this stress-free way of traveling. Once you experience JetSuiteX, it’ll change how you think about travel, and you won’t want to book with another airline again. And if you’re looking to fly in or out of Texas, don’t forget that there are other semi-private airlines to check out as well.

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