June 8, 2023

Most people can agree that flying in and out of LAX can make for a crowded, overwhelming experience. It’s so busy and stress-inducing that The Private Suite has opened up to offer celebrities and the rich access to a more enjoyable airport terminal experience—free of loud noises and crowds and of course, paparazzi. It provides a different airport experience than the norm. Check out how to skip the crowds with The Private Suite.

For starters, you can pay to become a member. But it will cost you a big chunk of money. The annual membership fee is currently $4,500. Then, it costs more per flight. The cost for members is $2,700 per one-way domestic flight and $3,000 per one-way international flight. You can bring up to three companions. For non-members, it costs $3,500 per one-way domestic flight and $4,000 per international one-way flight. Non-members can bring two guests with them.

Credit: The Private Suite

With no lines, a private TSA area, living-room-like suites, spa services, and BMW chauffeured rides directly from the terminal to the plane, it’s easy to see why travelers are eager to pay for this luxury experience.

But, there are other ways to get access to this fairytale-like terminal!

Credit: The Private Suite

If you’re flying with United Airlines, you may have the option to pay a discounted fee for access. It’s best to check with United directly to double check that your journey is valid for this offer. Travelers flying first-class on participating flights can purchase access for $1,250 per domestic flight or $1,495 per international flight. They also have trial offers for first-timers, which you can inquire about if you’re interested!

American Airlines also partners with The Private Suite to provide access. With their Five Star Private Departure service, individuals flying first-class can enjoy this private terminal perk. The cost begins at $1,200 for two people—additional adults or children cost $250 per person.

Using the Private Suite will definitely change your entire outlook on travel, and you may even decide you want to become a member!

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