June 7, 2023

An array of outfitters lead sled-dog treks in British Columbia

Dog sledding season typically lasts from mid-December to the end of March, weather permitting.
The mode of transportation romanticized in Jack London’s masterful ‘The Call of the Wild’ and through the annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is still accessible to anyone with a love of dogs and adventurous spirit.

Mountain Man Dog Sled Adventures at Sun Peaks Resort in the Thompson Okanagan is one of many outfitters that are more than happy to introduce this exhilarating activity to modern day mushers. Customizable tours suit everyone from the hard-core winter outdoorsperson to someone seeking a more relaxed ride gliding through the snow-covered forest. 

Sled dogs have been around for centuries, possibly dating back 4,000 years according to some archeological evidence.  They’ve proved significant on a variety of levels from exploring the poles and the Klondike Gold Rush to delivering mail and hauling supplies across North America and Siberia.

Mountain Man’s husband-and-wife co-owners are more than happy to impart information about the historical aspects of dog sledding along with answering common questions such as whether the dogs enjoy the work and how much weight is too much for them to handle.

Dog mushing with Mountain Man is experiential travel at its finest. In addition to an hour-long ride – a kennel visit, plus harnessing, handling and feeding the dogs is all part of the experience. Guests are also encouraged to drive the sleds, rather than simply be driven.

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