June 8, 2023

Yes, you heard us right. You can visit and stay in the North Pole. If you thought this was the stuff of storybooks, you thought wrong! Starting in the spring of 2020, travelers can book an incredibly unique experience and can stay in a luxury igloo hotel in the North Pole. This northernmost hotel in the whole work is called North Pole Igloo Hotel. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting opportunity: 

The North Pole Igloo Hotel will open its doors in 2020 and will serve guests every April. When staying at the hotel, guests sleep in heated glass-walled igloos. There are ten igloos available each night. When they’re not relaxing in their igloo, travelers can enjoy sightseeing around the North Pole. They’ll get to interact with locals, arctic scientists, and see wildlife. As they relax at night, they can see the stars and (hopefully!) Northern Lights from their igloos. 

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This is a sustainable, movable hotel. If the weather isn’t cooperating, the igloos are moved to a safer area. The experience is only available during April. The limited timing ensures that travelers are able to explore in a safe way. Any other time of year, the conditions are much too dangerous for comfortable, safe travel. The igloos have undergone testing in extreme weather conditions to ensure safety.

The walls and ceiling are made from glass, and the interior is heated. Guests have a toilet inside their igloo. Travelers get more than just a place to stay during their arctic adventure—the experience also includes a camp manager, wilderness guide, chef, and security. 

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Staying at this hotel is a once-in-a-lifetime luxury travel experience. What will it cost you? Around $100,000 per person for a three-day trip. You’ll spend two nights in Svalbard, which is a town located between mainland Norway and the North Pole and one night at the North Pole Igloos Hotel. All meals, tours, and transportation are included in the cost. 

The creators of this hotel hope to offer an incredible, unique travel experience—But, they also wish to raise awareness about the effects of climate change in the area. Guests will learn how climate change plays an impact on the local food, culture, and animals. 

How cool is that? If this exclusive experience is of interest to you and you want to create incredible memories in the North Pole, you can learn more or request information

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