March 22, 2023

Learn to surf or take a surf tour with this local company

Get the inside track on Nadi, Fiji surf spots at Fiji Surf Co, a local institution that operates a surf school, surf tours, and a surf shop.
Fiji Surf Co is a local Nadi-based company that was established in 1995 and helped to mold the world of Fijian surfing. So what better way could there be to experience Fiji’s surf scene – whether as a beginner or an experienced surfer – than with these pioneers of the waves?

Fiji Surf operates a surfing school that accepts all ages and skill levels. Its philosophy is to teach respect for the ocean while enjoying the ride on the waves. Lessons last about two hours and include elements of surfing such as stretching, paddling, reading rip currents and tides, balance, turns, tubes and tumbles. The school has qualified lifeguards to look after learners and match each participant to the waves of their skill level. Lessons include pick up and drop off from participants’ accommodations in Nadi.

In addition to its surf school, Fiji Surf offers surf tours that bring participants straight to the best waves via road and boat shuttle services. Daily SURFari trips in Nadi take are based on finding the best possible surfing opportunities given the day’s conditions, and include all transportation needs from participants’ hotels. Depending on the surfer’s experience level, tours can range from light sandy beach breaks to powerful reef rides, making it the chance for the surf opportunity of a lifetime. Trips generally last between two and four hours, depending on the conditions of the day.

Finally, Fiji Surf operates a surf shop in the heart of Nadi Town, ready to equip any visitor with local and international merchandise, surfboard rentals, surf information and more.

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