June 8, 2023

SWISS now offers its travelers the option of booking a variety of destination packages to explore Switzerland’s iconic sights and cities. The new “Stopover Switzerland” program is a collaboration between SWISS, Switzerland Tourism and Switzerland Travel Centre, and offers an initial range of eight different tourist packages including accommodation and public transportation covering all Swiss regions.


Travelers on Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), The Airline of Switzerland, can now both get to their final destination and explore Switzerland en route. Both leisure and business travelers can extend their stopover in Switzerland by one to four nights by adding a customizable travel package under the new “Stopover Switzerland” offer, which SWISS has launched in close collaboration with Switzerland Tourism (ST) and Switzerland Travel Centre (STC). The United States, Singapore and India are the first SWISS markets to introduce the new stopover program. Generally, from point of commencement U.S., most fares to destinations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia allow stopovers free-of-charge.

“Travel habits are evolving. Guests today want to increasingly experience a variety of destinations and activities in one trip. And they are willing to immerse themselves in a destination for just a few days to gain a first impression. SWISS and ST have been analyzing the new trend. And it’s in response to it that they have now jointly developed the new “Stopover Switzerland” program”, says Alex Herrmann, Director Americas of Switzerland Tourism.

With the single-destination Stopover Switzerland packages, which are bookable for one to four nights, guests choose one Swiss city such as Zurich, Interlaken or Lucerne as the base for their excursions and discoveries. The package also includes tips on possible local trips and activities, to help the guest make the most of their stay. All packages also include a Swiss Travel Pass for 1st or 2nd class travel, allowing for unlimited rides on Switzerland’s extensive public transport system for the duration of the stopover – an easy and convenient hop-on, hop-off system.

The multi-destination Stopover Switzerland packages, which are bookable for two to four nights, offer a fixed itinerary including transport with different locations for the overnight stays in three- or four-star hotels, as well as a flexible range of activities. The initial eight Stopover Switzerland packages, all customized by Switzerland Travel Centre, can now be booked at www.swiss.com/stopover, in connection with a flight or even independently of any flight arrangements.

Swiss International Air Lines, www.swiss.com

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