June 9, 2023

Tradition-heavy experiences reign in the Emmental region

Switzerland’s Emmentaler cheese is named for the Emmental region, where travelers can visit dairies and bike a dedicated cheese route.
Switzerland is a country where tradition is king, though they’re not afraid to jazz up the classics with a bit of modern flair. This combination of classic offerings and modern advancements is particularly evident in the Emmental region, located in the canton of Bern. Travelers here will have ample opportunities to experience the area’s beautiful scenery and regional delicacies at the many traditional farms that welcome visitors.

A good first stop is the Emmentaler Schaukaserei, a cheese manufacturer and show dairy that produces the famous Emmentaler cheese. The dairy offers tours that take guests through the cheese-making process, covering both traditional methods and modern production. Peek into storage rooms where huge wheels of cheese are maturing – and stop by the dairy’s shop to bring some home for yourself.

Active travelers will love the new Emmental cheese route, made up of 21 area attractions designed to be visited by e-bike. The assisted biking experience provided by the e-bikes makes it easy for any rider to travel easily along the route, as riders can adjust the bike to the amount of exertion they prefer.

The cheese route comes with a downloadable mobile phone app, offering information, pictures, and audio clips for each point of interest. Stops along the way include working farms and dairies, a modern cheese factory, farms offering food and beverages, scenic spots, and cultural points of interest.

Travelers can choose to stay in the Emmental valley, with a range of accommodations options available throughout the region, even including working farms.