March 22, 2023

Specialized tours focus on sites related to celebrities, television shows, scandals and more

For pop-culture fans, NYC offers tours on everything from \”Sex and the City\” spots to sites from real-life celebrity stories.
Lovers of reality television and celebrity enthusiasts visiting New York have reason to rejoice. Los Angeles’ popular TMZ bus tour arrived in the Big Apple earlier this year, and is taking guests to the city’s celeb-related sites.

TMZ Tour NYC is a collaboration between celebrity news outlet TMZ and On Location Tours, a tour company that also runs “Sex and the City” tours, “Gossip Girl” tours and “Sopranos” Tours, among others.

Example stops on a New York TMZ tour include the Good Morning America Studio; Avenue NYC; the “Lindsay Lohan Terror Zone;” The Plaza Hotel, where Charlie Sheen trashed his hotel room; and Bleecker Playground, where Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri Cruise.

Other specialized tour options in NYC include a New York Post “headline” bus tour, during which tourists are taken to locations that spawned Post headlines, as well as other tours from the company that focus on viewing the five New York boroughs.

Big Onion Walking Tours offers 30 tours that let tourists explore New York neighborhoods on foot, with specialized options including the “Gangs of New York” Tour, an annual Father’s Day Multi Ethnic Eating Tour, and the Upper East Side: Clash of the Titans Tour.

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