June 8, 2023

It can be fun to plan a trip, but it can be even more exciting to take a trip to a surprise destination! There are trip planning companies that put all the details together for you—including deciding where you’ll go! If you’re feeling adventurous and are open to trying something new, it’s worth giving this unique experience a try. You can visit a surprise destination with the help of these trip planning companies.

Pack Up + Go

Pack Up + Go makes planning an unforgettable getaway a breeze. They take the stress away from planning and throw in the surprise of choosing the destination for you. You’ll start by answering some questions about your budget, travel style, and preferences. Then, they take the time to plan your whole experience while staying within your budget. A week before your trip, you’ll get an email that tells you the weather forecast, packing recommendations, luggage size restrictions, and the travel time and location to leave. Plan to show up at that time and find out where you’re going. It’s that easy!

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The Vacation Hunt

The Vacation Hunt is another company that offers surprise vacation packages and trip planning services. They offer trip planning for domestic, international, and all-inclusive resort destinations. First, you’ll fill out a survey about yourself and your vacation preferences. Next, you’ll decide if you want to stay in the United States, travel internationally, or take advantage of an all-inclusive trip experience. You’ll also choose how many travelers will be joining and the length of your trip.

The Vacation Hunt takes care of all the planning work. About a week before you leave, you’ll get all the essential details like packing tips and a weather report. A few days before your trip, you will get an envelope in the mail—inside you’ll find your flight, hotel, and activity information as well as personalized trip details. You can choose to open the envelope right then or when you arrive at the airport. Talk about exciting!

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Jubel is another company that offers custom trip planning. They focus the trip on your own personal travel style and travel needs. The service works similarly to the services above—you will answer questions about your preferences and travel style, vacation dates, and budget—and they do the rest of the work. They’ll send a proposal your way to make sure it’s what you want and after paying your balance due, they send you the details. If you’re taking a surprise adventure, your envelope will include smaller envelopes that continue to offer surprises along the way! This keeps things fun and exciting throughout your vacation.

Long overdue for a vacation? Plan an unforgettable adventure and enjoy the added element of surprise!

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