June 10, 2023

From wildlife tours to resort spas in Latin America, you’ll have few excuses to splurge on your upcoming retreat. Here are some of our favorite trips to Latin America in luxury.

History and Cooking Adventure in San Miguel de Allende

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Discover the historic churches and cobblestone streets around central San Miguel de Allende in Mexico with a guided tour of San Miguel de Allende. You’ll get to discover the history of the local tribes that once lived around the Cañada de la Virgen pyramid, go horseback riding through the canyon, and take a cooking class at the Sazon cooking school. This is where you can learn about the ways to use chilis in Mexican cooking and pick up some recipes from the Aztecs.

Water Adventures in Huatulco, Mexico

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If you’re ready for an adventure in nature, make your way to the Oaxacan coast to enjoy the beautiful beaches, colorful coral reefs, and wealth of water activities around the bay.  Huatulco is the perfect place to go on a nighttime boating adventure in the river. Discover the historic sites around the Copalito River and enjoy a meal at local restaurants that serve lobster and crayfish fresh from the ocean.

Beaches of Panama

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Head off on a mini cruise adventure around the tropical waters of Panama. Discover the canals of Panama City before taking a guided tour of the Pacific with cocktails and dinner aboard a luxury boat. Snorkeling and motor boating around the waters might be part of your itinerary before heading to Coiba Island National Park for a private guided tour. You’ll find a few all-inclusive cruise operators that offer luxury boat tours and private island experiences for an in-depth discovery adventure.

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