March 22, 2023

The Israel Ministry of Tourism joins forces with the French and German Tourist Boards to offer incentives for flexible travelers

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Israel shares more with Europe than just free trade, a timezone, and the Mediterranean sea. With world-class destinations, a rooted history, and a cultural sensibility on a par with Europe’s, Israel considers itself part of the continent to the west even if it has yet to formally join the European Union.

To highlight this connection, as well as the manageable four- to five-hour plane journey between them, the Israel Ministry of Tourism is partnering with the French and German tourism boards to promote combined trip initiatives.

An “Open Skies” agreement signed in June aims to strengthen the overall economic, trade, and tourism relations between Israel and the EU by offering more direct flights to and from Israel at lower prices over the next five years. Already, several airlines – including El Al Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, EasyJet, Air Berlin, Sun d’Or International Airlines, and Israir Airlines – are dropping prices on Europe-Israel flights, making the Holy Land as feasible a vacation stop as any.

So whether you fly from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv or from Eilat to Paris, the trip in and out of Israel will feel like a breeze, and an affordable one at that.

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