March 27, 2023

An extensive training program for travel agents has made them the island’s strongest sales force

Go to the to find an agent in your area that has completed the A One Love Rewards Program and rest easy in good hands.
With the internet at our 24-hour disposal, planning a trip through a travel agent may seem like a dying practice, but you can glean a lot more knowledge with help than you can handling it on your own. This rings especially true if Jamaica’s on your itinerary. Since its inception in February 2012, Jamaica’s A One Love Rewards Program has turned more than 7,500 travel agents into experts on the island through its dedicated tourism training.

The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) recognizes the power of having a strong sales force and believes that motivation is inspired by incentives and rewards. And the rewards are plentiful. Points that can be spent in the One Love Rewards store are accumulated with every booking. Even more enticing is a five-night stay at The Spa Retreat in Negril for agents who successfully book three Spa Retreat trips of five nights or longer. And every month, graduates of the training will compete for the $300 that goes to the agent who books 10 or more trips to Jamaica. There are also quite a few VIP opportunities for top-booking agents to visit Jamaica and to consult with those on the ground of the tourism front, so to speak.

The agents aren’t the only ones positioned to benefit, of course. Coming from a place of true insider knowledge, Jamaica-trained agents sell these trips with a sincere passion for arranging your dream trip. And, because program graduates receive Jamaica’s monthly e-newsletter, they are kept abreast of special deals and offers from the island’s resorts and tourism attractions.

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