June 8, 2023

Flavorful fun for the foodie traveler

When visiting Montréal’s Jean-Talon Market, a stop at La Fromagerie Hamel cheese shop is a must. 
Claiming the title of city with the largest number of restaurants per capita in North America, Montréal is certainly a top vacation destination for food enthusiasts. But in addition to its cornucopia of dining venues, travelers can check out the culinary scene at these five food attractions in order to satisfy their cravings.

Local Markets: Montréal’s public markets are notable not only full of fine local produce and artisanal wares, but for their welcoming farmers and merchants ready to share wisdom and swap recipes. Head to the Jean-Talon Market, the largest in North America, to visit specialty stalls selling fruit, vegetables, flowers, spices, oils, cheeses, meats, and pastries.

Tasting Events: Each year, a number of tasting events take place in Montréal. November plays host to the annual La Grande Dégustation de Montréal, a gathering of more than 200 international winemakers, distillers and brewers, while June’s Mondial de la Bière is Canada’s largest beer festival. In February, chocolate lovers unite at Je T’aime En Chocolat for lectures, demos, cocktails, and even a chocolate fashion show.

Culinary Tours: Those who want an inside look at Montréal’s cuisine can take a guided tour for the full experience. A few highly recommended options include Local Tours’ “Montréal Brewpub – Beer Tour” or the company’s “The Jean Talon Market – Food Tour,” as well as VdM’s “A Foodie’s Tour of Little Italy.”

The Omnivore Food Festival: Featuring top international chefs as well as talented up-and-coming culinary stars, this summer festival offers the foodie experience mixed with a party atmosphere. Guests will enjoy demonstrations, learn about new trends and experience modern culinary creativity, culminating with a lively tasting party. In 2014, the Omnivore Food Festival runs from August 21-25.

Food Classes: Across Montréal, food lovers come together to learn and practice their passion. There are numerous options for visitors looking to participate in a cooking or food class during their vacation, including Ateliers & Saveurs, which offers cooking classes, bartending and cocktail workshops, and wine tasting sessions; or L’Atelier par Europea, a participant-friendly space behind the scenes of restaurant Europea’s kitchens.

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