June 8, 2023

The Caribbean may get all the glory when it comes to beaches, but don’t discount Europe’s seaside locales. Whether you are looking for hidden gems or swanky, celeb-filled shores, these European beaches are giving the Caribbean a bit of competition. Here are the five coolest beaches in Europe to visit now.

Pasjača Beach, Konavle: Croatia

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Let’s start out of the gate with the best beach in Europe. Don’t just take our word for it. The popular website, European Best Destinations, listed Pasjača Beach, located in Konavle, “2022 Best Beach in Europe.” A 30-minute drive from Dubrovnik, the breathtaking beach is nestled between the Konavle Cliffs and the Adriatic Sea. A bit of effort is required to reach its shores. A simple wooden sign announces Pasjača Beach and a deep descent down stairs, cutting through the cliffs, is required. But, maybe that’s part of the allure. Perhaps you get the sense that just below lies a little piece of paradise. A bit of an anomaly, Pasjača is the result of a joint venture between man and nature. It came to fruition in 1955, after the construction of a tunnel leading to the sea. You won’t find restaurants or bars; just raw, untouched beauty, the way Mother Nature intended. But, you may want to visit soon, the shores of Pasjaca Beach, are slowly eroding.

Islas Cíes: Spain

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A world away from overcrowded beaches littered with high rise hotels, restaurants, and even cars. Islas Cíes boasts one of Europe’s most beautiful white sand beaches kissed by turquoise waters. Known as the “islands of the gods” by Romans, the archipelago off the coast of Pontevedra in Galicia consists of three, virtually uninhabited, islands. The Natural Park is accessible by a 40-minute ferry ride from the port city of Vigo.

Palombaggia Beach, Corsica: France

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With sugar sand beaches, red granite rocks and fragrant pines, Corisca’s most famous beach boasts huts, private beaches, and water activities. Near the town of Porto-Vecchio, the vast shores and shallow depths make Palombaggia Beach an excellent destination for families. An abundance of sea life call the pristine waters home, so bring your snorkel. And, if you need to cool off, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and shops to explore.

Castiglione di Ravello Beach, Amalfi Coast: Italy

You may be familiar with the picturesque clifftop town of Ravello, tucked along the Amalfi coast. Nearly 200 steps below Ravello, you’ll find a secret gem: brimming with sparkling blue water and breathtaking views of the Church of St Maria Maddalena.

Paloma Beach: France

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We promised a beach for everyone. Paloma Beach is a swanky slice of paradise. Jetsetters and A-listers have been flocking to there for years. Located on the upscale Cap Ferrat Peninsula in the South of France, Paloma Beach has that sort of je ne sais quoi that keeps the well-heeled coming back to its Beach Club. With crystal clear waters, magnificent mountain views, and European charm, it’s easy to understand why.

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