June 8, 2023

Credit: Qatar Airlines

When flying, you may find yourself craving a cocktail in the sky. It’s no secret that airlines sell a variety of alcoholic beverages mid-flight. But, some airlines go above and beyond and have a full bar area available on the airplane! Access to these bars are reserved for first and business class customers who want to grab a drink and relax away from their seat. Check out our favorite bars found on airplanes:

Emirates A380 Bar 

Emirates has a reputation for being amazing, and when you fly with them, you’ll see why! You not only get to enjoy a comfortable, spacious plane, but they also have great bars and drinks available, too. When you board the Emirates A380 plane, be prepared to be wowed. On the upper deck, you’ll find a fantastic lounge that doesn’t seem like it would be on an airplane. Guests can order a drink and enjoy it in the comfortable lounge seating.

Qatar Airways A380 Lounge

Qatar Airways also has an impressive A380 lounge bar, and it’s one of our favorites. They put a big focus on providing a comfortable, spacious seating area. Due to the relaxing lighting and sofa seating, you’ll feel like you’re hanging out in your living room. Travelers can sip on signature drinks and enjoy snacks here. 

Korean Air Celestial Bar

Korean Air also wows with its in-flight bar. When flying on their A380 plane, you can access the Celestial Bar by going to the back of the upper deck. Travelers can enjoy a drink while relaxing in the seating area found around the bar. A mix of drinks and snacks are served at this inflight bar. 

Virgin Australia’s The Loft Bar

Credit: Virgin Atlantic

When you fly in Virgin Australia’s Upper Class, you can enjoy their inflight The Loft bar. This space offers seats for up to eight people at a time. In addition to comfortable seating and plenty of drinks, The Loft also has a 32-inch television screen and Bluetooth headphones available. Snacks and drinks are available at this bar. 

The next time you find yourself flying first or business class with the above airlines, be sure to check out the bar to take part in a unique flying experience. We have a feeling you’ll love it!

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