June 8, 2023

After you’re done making wedding plans, you’ll need to figure out where you’re going to escape to after the Big Day festivities. Many couples run off to their honeymoon destination right after their wedding but you might have postponed yours until you got more settled in as a couple. Whatever the case may be, make sure at least one of these beach destinations is on your honeymoon getaway list.


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The island of Capri is full of magic and wonder, a stunning destination where you can discover dozens of beachfront restaurants, go climbing on the cliffs, and soak up the sun from the beautiful pebble beaches. This is also a popular destination to go boating, explore the historic town, and learn about Capri’s past at area museums. Don’t miss the chance to go hiking to the Natural Arch and take a chairlift up to Mount Solaro to enjoy the natural sites.


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Enjoy an exotic adventure in French Polynesia. The island of Tahiti is famous for its black sand beaches, lush tropical landscapes and beautiful resorts. It’s the perfect place to spend some time relaxing in the sunshine, going shopping in the bustling market district, and get a taste of the local nightlife scene. Forests are ripe for exploring and it won’t take you long to see why this island is a popular choice for romantic getaways. The luxurious resorts here are the perfect reason to splurge on deluxe spa services, gourmet dining, and oversized suites with ocean views.


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The mystical volcano, lush rainforests, and historic cathedrals are some of the major draws of this Caribbean destination. It’s the perfect place to enjoy gourmet dining experiences and relax at luxury resorts but you can also venture out to the volcano and explore cultural sites littered around the coast. Breathtaking sunsets, a wealth of sightseeing destinations and spectacular historic sites are part of the adventure. 

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