March 20, 2023

For many travelers, it’s becoming increasingly important to focus on sustainable travel practices. This helps to keep our Earth and its communities healthy and happy as we continue to explore more places. Luckily, many more companies are offerings sustainable travel trips. You can make a difference by booking these types of experiences when you travel. Take a look at some excellent sustainable luxury adventure trip options.

Experience the Wonders of Peru and the Galapagos with Kuoda Travel

Kuoda Travel is a customized luxury travel brand that focuses on unique sustainable experiences. They believe that tourism should do more good than harm and aim to offer culturally authentic experiences that protect the environment. Their Wonder of Peru and the Galapagos tour is a great way to be experience history and wildlife. Visit Quito, cruise your way to the Galapagos Islands, fly to Lima and Cusco, and of course witness the impressive Machu Picchu. Unique experiences can be added to your adventure — we dare you to take a horse trek through beautiful Sacred Valley or zip line in the Andes.

Take a Safari Tour Through Botswana and South Africa

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Join Big Five on an unforgettable safari adventure. This luxury tour operator works with properties and suppliers with sustainable ethics, and they employ local guides and professionals. Their Botswana and South Africa Safari 14-day tour will take you through South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi as you experience breathtaking scenery, amazing local wildlife, and take part in exciting activities like bungee jumping or river cruises.

Experience the Dramatic Contracts of Chile

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And Beyond creates tailor-made trips and experiences. They care about the people, land, and wildlife of each destination. Head to South America with And Beyond and take part in their 8-day Experience the Dramatic Contrasts of Chile, which promises adventure and fun. You’ll explore three very different landscapes in the Atacama Desert, Santiago, and Pucón. For thrill seekers, this trip offers the chance to take part in many adrenaline-rushing activities—including scenic helicopter flights, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

 Fly to Antarctica and Cruise the Peninsula

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Steppes Travel is a green tour operator that believes in conservation, sustainability and giving back—and their tours focus on this mission. What better way to adventure than to head to Antarctica? Steppes Travel offers the Fly to Antarctica and Cruise the Peninsula tour, which lasts ten days and is full of adventure. You’ll depart Chile and fly to King George Island, where you’ll hop on a small expeditionary ship to start your exploration. Daily excursions get you up close to the gorgeous nature views and the wildlife. Highlights include seeing the top wonders of Antarctica — Deception Island, Paradise Bay, Perterman Island, Cuverville Island, and Half Moon Bay.

These are some excellent luxury adventure trips that will allow you to see new places while practicing sustainable tourism. By choosing the right tour providers, you can create lasting travel memories and take part in new adventures, while leaving the Earth and the communities that you visit a better place.

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