March 20, 2023

If the idea of a hot some massage or facial sends you into an instant Zenlike state, expect to be blown away by the latest and most innovative spa treatments. Pushing the boundaries of mind/body wellbeing, we are highlighting the hottest innovations in spa treatments for 2019.

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoko – Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

Originating in Japan in the late 1980’s, forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku is quickly making its way around the globe. Said to have multiple benefits; from decreasing the risk of heart attack, soothing sore muscles, and boosting moods, the idea rooted in the ancient belief that nature hold the key to relaxing and restoring the body and soul. While you certainly don’t need a spa to practice forest bathing, it does make for a more encompassing experience. If you choose to go for the spa approach, head to Blackberry Farm, the luxury resort in Tennessee, and try the Deep Healing Woods Program.

Journey of the Senses – The Kuxtal Sensory Garden Ritual Sense Spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico

The private island retreat on the beaches of Riviera Maya, is home to the 17,000 square foot spa, Rosewood Mayakoba. The luxury spa is nestled in the beautiful garden setting of the jungle, offers and offers variety of treatments to awaken the senses. Guests are encouraged to embrace the cycle of life as they are led on a customized journey surrounding the four levels of wellness. Designed to balance energies with the environment for the ultimate sense of relaxation, the Kuxtal Sensory Garden Ritual uses a blend of aroma, sound, taste to awaken all five senses.

La Reserve Grand  – Genève, Switzerland

Turn back the hands of time, at La Reserve Grand, where the revolutionary anti-aging program Nescesn, created by Professor Jacques Proust, lies in concrete biology of cellular aging. Begin with a comprehensive analysis by a multidisciplinary team ranging from dieticians to medical specialists. The one day to seven-night retreat creates a custom plan based on your results and goals. The plan adjusts imbalances contributing to premature aging through a dietary plan, personalized fitness program and treatments such as the 3-in 1 remodeling treatment which destresses the body through massaging, rubbing and exfoliation.

Alpha Sphere Deluxe  – Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeriah, Dubai

Austrian artist and researcher, Sha revalorizes the link between the conscious mind and sleep, which he dubs the Alpha State.  Visit the award winning Talise Spa in Madinat Jumeriah in Dubai, and step into the futuristic Alpha Sphere Deluxe which balances and draws energy from the chakras. The balance leads to increased creativity, reduced stress, and harmonizes breathing.  

In Water Massage  – Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Unleashing the benefits of the geothermal sea water, an In-Water Massage at the Blue Lagoon unlocks the mystical wellbeing of mind body and spirit. Step outside of the typical massage walls, and float through the pristine waters amid the volcanic landscape on a thin mattress. Experienced massage therapists utilize Blue Lagoon mineral massage oil to rejuvenate and relax aching muscles, for a rejuvenating and refreshed result.

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