March 27, 2023

One of the most popular dreams for lottery winners is to be able to spend a wonderful vacation in a ncie and welcoming hotel.

Actually, today the traditional vacation model with hotel accommodation and restaurant service is struggling in the hotel market, due to the presence of a strong and aggressive concurrency made of B&Bs, cheap rental apartments and many other cheap solutions that are, easy to understand, more attractive than the classic and typical hotel accommodation.

The Crisis And The Hotel Market

Actually, the reason of this change of trends in the hotel market is caused by the financial crisis. By consequence, average tourists and visitors prefer to choose cheaper solutions for their vacations and getaways. That’s how B&Bs and other low cost accommodations can reach such a success among consumers.

However, the dream of staying in a beautiful hotel, pleased by all comforts and many services has never stopped to spread its charm in people’s imagination. And, for most people, it’s only when a great income happens that a fantastic hotel vacation comes true.

This is the typical case of so many lottery winners who, at some point, won a big win. Going on vacation is, in this perspective, the most popular to-do-thing for most winners.

How Can Winners Be So Lucky?

Probably, anyone of us wondered this question at least once in life! it’s a naïf question, yet very common. Actually, there are many ways players can “help” themselves to win. First off, you have to know that you can help increase your odds by simply selecting numbers in a correct way, that is without to choose the same numbers over and over.

Actually, this is a very crucial point for lottery players. When they have to select numbers, they basically tend to use the same personal numbers, marriage date, children’s birthdates or other special dates.

This might reduce in a serious way your opportunity to win a prize, because during a lottery drawing the machine system will randomly select numbers from the entire range, not from a limited range of numbers as personal numbers are.

Euro Millions: A Top Game At Lottery Master

Probably, the most appealing lottery games is Euro Millions that you can view at : this is the official Lottery Master page for the Euro Millions game.

Lottery Master is a top leading company in the lottery game industry. It features interesting helping tools and functions that help players choose random sets of numbers to play. In addition, Lottery Master offers also a 24/7 customer service for players who need to ask more information or want to request some tips for playing better.

Rules To Play Euro Millions

In order to participate to Euro Millions games, players must purchase tickets at the cost of €/£2,00 for each ticket.

All you have to do is to select 5 numbers from a 1-to-50 pool of numbers and 2 additional numbers that are called Lucky Stars from a 1-to-11 separated pool of numbers. Draws take place twice per week: on Tuesdays and Fridays night.

Players who match all the 5+2 numbers win the jackpot prize – which is particularly rich for the Euro Millions game. However, even players who matched only part of the 5+2 combination can hope in one of the many secondary prizes.

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