March 22, 2023

Venice in a Macau casino, just like Vegas.

Gambling is on the rise around the world in some of the most popular tourist destinations. Some places where this form of entertainment is legal — and which is gaining a newly elevated reputation worldwide, for various reasons — may surprise you indeed. Take for instance Sri Lanka, or the Philippines, or Macao, China. Being able to partake of some high-class (and safe) casino gaming like cards, roulette, slots and regional variations during one’s international vacation is not far-fetched. Online and mobile casinos have had something to do with the spike in popularity (which is mixed with some nostalgia since the games are rather historical, at this point).


Casinos in Civilisations


The plain fact of the matter is that gambling, for numerous complex and interesting reasons, has been a global phenomenon for a long, long time — even in dislocated countries not in cultural contact at all. The recent wave of legalisations of this pastime by countries, or even states in the US, is not as outrageous as it may seem when the basic thrill is understood at its universal level (nor should the economics of it be underestimated).


The logic of gambling, the concept of cheating misfortune, if you will, of ‘pressing one’s luck’, and, the challenge of generating one’s own feelings of luckiness, have enormous interest throughout humanity. This interest finds ways into many artistic productions and media (even the story-lines of popular films and games) even if gambling itself is not involved. And, it does factor into many people’s final decisions when choosing a vacation destination or planning an itinerary — for real enthusiasts a gambling-friendly vacation spot is a must.


Now in the age of the Internet (and with unimagined amounts of global sharing of culture happening on the mobile Web), gambling inspired games are flourishing. The touch-screen versions of classics like poker and roulette provide both a superlative digital recreation of the familiar games as well as taking advantage of the powers of smartphones and tablets to expand and enhance them.


A Fortunate Form of Travel


The enticing twist in many nations where gambling is legal and well regulated is that online casinos generally will be accessible as well. That means that guests in Macau, or Peru, or the UK and Monte-Carlo, can play using their smartphones and tablets — perhaps even have special logins given by the casino facilities of their hotel or resort. Otherwise, whenever one is in a locale with legalised real-cash gaming, then any other country’s gambling sites are fair game.


This makes casinos a new kind of cultural channel, since there are players logging in from around the world, for example, to enjoy multi-player or live-dealer table games recreated as mobile versions. A Web-based poker table, brilliantly animated by realistic graphics (perhaps even with a window for live video feeds) is a truly international affair. There is, by the way, great value in this entertainment for the money invested in it. Many online and mobile casinos offer tremendous welcome bonuses or even free cash and spins.


There is so much choice — just as there is with land-based vacation destinations — that people get into the habit of consulting trustworthy guides (for example, to find the best values and the best game portfolios. Security and safety issues largely have been solved, especially on the heels new online payment methods like PayPal. In short, we have reached the time when people plan exotic or unusual vacations not based solely upon material attractions; the virtual attractions of a place are exerting a pull as well (online casinos are just one demonstration of this trend).


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