June 8, 2023

With its intense natural beauty, magnificent wildlife and biodiversity, there’s nothing quite like exploring the ecological wonderland of the Amazon. But capturing the essence of rainforest on a luxurious Amazon safari takes the journey to a whole new level. After experiencing these top 5 luxe Amazon safaris, and indeed seeing the moon shine on the other side of the world, you will never be the same.

Ker & Downey

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The award-winning travel company, Ker & Downey, creates experiences customized according to your preferences. Bringing eco-luxe exclusivity to the wetlands of Pantanal and the Amazon rainforest, the 11-day adventure begins on an enchanting, private nature preserve where you will spend four luxurious days in your jungle bungalow. Your Brazil wildlife safari then takes you to the hills of Catucaba where you’ll stay in an 1850 era farmhouse beautifully restored with mod design furnishings. The last two days of your journey are your own. Spend time immersing yourself in nature or diving into the rich culture of nearby villages.

& Beyond

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With 26 years of experience and numerous awards under their belt, & Beyond offers hand-picked luxury tours ranging from jungle treks in a canoe along the Amazon river to meeting local tribes on a cultural tour. Stay in lavish accommodations like the Sacha Lodge, which is a mystical retreat nestled within a 5000-acre private reserve. Or stay in the award-winning La Selva Jungle Lodge, which has a spa suite, private balconies and exquisitely prepared meals and cocktails.

Bellingham Safaris

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With a deep respect for the environment, Bellingham Safaris opens up a world of adventure within the Amazon. From the very beginning of planning your trip, you’ll work closely with a specialized team, ensuring a seamless journey. On the safari, expert guides share educational information on the botanical paradise and indigenous wildlife including the striking bald Uakari. For a unique luxury experience, stay aboard the Jacare Boat, which not only boasts distinctive accommodations, but also comes equipped with a crew.

VIP Journeys

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Discover the majestic tropical rainforest and magnificent Amazon river with luxury US-based tour operator, VIP Journeys. Explore the vast eco-destinations of South and Central America with remarkable experiences like luxurious cruises through the Humboldt of the Galapagos Islands and VIP treatment showcasing a private dinner in some of South America’s best-known chefs homes.

Natural World Safaris

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Spend eleven adventure-filled days in the biologically diverse beauty of the Brazilian Pantanal and Amazonian rainforest with Natural World Safaris. Trek through the Brazilian jungle on horseback, watch for jaguars and howler monkeys and even catch a glimpse of the rare pink river dolphins. Spend your days on an adventure-filled journey before retreating to your extravagant accommodations. Choose from a variety of luxury resorts like the posh Belmond Copacabana Palace or the plush private bungalows at the Butterfly Lodge.

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