March 20, 2023

If you’re in the business of luxury travel, you may want to head to Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai in February 2020. It’s here that the world’s first AI-powered luxury travel festival will take place. In a futuristic approach to matchmaking, AI technology brings together influential buyers and sellers in luxury travel. During the vibrant festival, state of the art technology creates an experience that is both large-scale and personal. Here, the worlds of luxury travel collide; travel designers, properties, and destinations all come together.

Credit: Private Luxury Events

The concept is the brainchild of Private Luxury Events, a company which has been spearheading luxury travel trade shows since 2006. Think of TFest as a Jetsons-like networking event. By taking the guesswork out of making connections, AI opens the door to hundreds of networking opportunities that attendees would otherwise have missed. You’ll be guaranteed no less than 40 one-on-one meetings with the people you want to connect with, perfectly matched, anyway and anytime you choose, thanks to technology. TFest is a free-flowing festival of connections, ideas, and inspiration that connects the whole luxury travel industry. Showcasing the freshest brands, designs, destinations, and properties in luxury travel, attendees have the opportunity to take part in inspiring workshops, talk with insightful leaders, and make hundreds of new connections.

How Does AI-Powered Matchmaking Work?

Credit: Private Luxury Events

Throughout the three-day festival, AI matchmaking will unite more people than ever before, giving them a personalized experience and a better return on their time and investment. AI technology uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to make intelligent initial recommendations that get smarter over time. Every time someone uses the app, the more it learns, and the better the suggestions become. Bottom line? You’re meeting with individuals and companies that will take your business further.

Credit: Private Luxury Events

Richard Barnes, CEO, Private Luxury Events commented, “We launched TFest to make personalized connections happen on a larger scale and in real-time, at a single celebratory event where our global luxury travel community can come together.”

If it seems like some space-age concept, it just may be, but the world of luxury travel has yet to see anything quite like this.

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