March 20, 2023

When taking any trip, you want to make sure that you maximize your time and that that you’re able to visit plenty of attractions and take part in a variety of activities. This can make your trip worthwhile. Did you know that some airlines offer travelers the ability to book FREE stopovers? That means a free additional destination can be added to your journey.  This is an easy and fun way to visit another city or country. Today we’ll teach you how to take advantage of this great perk:

The Following Airlines Offer Free Stopovers

Not all airlines offer this perk, but many do. Here is a quick look at some great airlines that make visiting a stopover city easy and free (or almost free!):

Finnair: Choose a stopover city and stay for up to 5 days

Air Canada: Choose a stopover city and stay for up to 96 hours, a discounted hotel stay may also be offered at your stopover city

KLM: Depending on your departing region, one or more stopover cities may be added to your journey

Emirates: Book a stopover in Dubai and take advantage of discounts on hotels, tours, and visa, trip length is flexible

Air China: Book a stopover in Beijing or Shanghai and enjoy up to 72 hours of visa-free travel

Qatar Airways: Book a stopover in Doha and received a free transit visa for up to 96 hours, hotel stays are available for a low fee

TAP Portugal: Book a stopover in Porto or Lisbon and stay up to 5 nights, enjoy discounted hotel stays and activities

Japan Airlines: Book up to two stopovers per journey in Osaka or Tokyo

Icelandair: Book a stopover in Reykjavik for up to 7 days

Singapore Airlines: Book a stopover in Singapore; enjoy a hotel stay, transit, and attraction discounts for a low, additional fee

Plan Your Journey and Easily Add a Stopover

Each airline has its own program in place for free stopovers, so be sure to understand their terms. They may only allow you to book a visit in certain cities, for example, or there may be a limit to how many hours or days you can stay before continuing on. When you go to book your journey, choose the option to add a stopover city or do a multi-city search and add your stopover of choice. If you run into any issues, just contact the airline directly to book. This easy hack makes for a simple way to see more than one place on your next vacation.

A Free Stopover Can Make Your Travel Experience More Memorable

While it can be fun and exciting to take any trip, adding more destinations is one way to make your vacation even more memorable. Be sure to book a free stopover so that you can enjoy a bonus trip! Talk about an easy way to see and do more and to save a bit of money, too!

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