March 20, 2023

As you begin to put together the details of a vacation or work trip, it can feel good knowing that you’re getting the best airfare price possible. Instead of just buying any flight ticket, it can pay off big time to do a bit of research and find the best rate. Luckily, some tools make doing the research a lot less stressful or overwhelming. Check out some of our favorite resources that make it easy to find the best flight price.

Google Flights

It’s a good idea to start your research using Google Flights. All you need to do is plug in your journey details to get some price options. You’ll be presented with a list of flights and can compare nonstop vs. connecting journeys, different airlines, and price points. This search tool will also tell you if you’re able to book directly with the airline or if a better price is available by purchasing through a third party booking website. One of the coolest things about Google Flights is the ability to search within a whole continent. For flexible travelers, this can be a great way to find your starting point of a trip. Just look through the available options to find an affordable flight.


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Another favorite flight search tool is Skyscanner. Similar to Google Flights, you just enter your trip details to get the best results. You can search for one-way or round-trip journeys. Some flights will allow you to buy at a great rate through the airline directly while others will point you toward third-party booking websites to buy.

Skyscanner has some great additional features. For one, it’s possible to search “Everywhere” as a destination. This will give the best airfare prices all over the globe! You can also look at the whole month to find the best dates to travel if you’re able to be more flexible with your travel dates.


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Momondo is also a great tool to use, and it works similarly to the resources above. Just search and look at available airfare options. Momondo has powerful insights built into their tool, which let you explore past data to see when the best time to fly is. You can also search by region or continent. Momondo lets you set alerts, so you can keep an eye on a particular journey to see if the rate lowers before you end up buying. When you’re presented with flight options, you will be shown whether you can buy directly with the airline or through a third party.

When using these types of tools, always be sure to check the specifics of each flight. That includes checking if luggage is included in the final price, if there is enough time for a comfortable layover, and what type of airfare class you’re buying. There’s no need to overpay because these search companies make it so much easier to find a great flight at a lower price!

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