March 27, 2023

If you haven’t heard by now, Thomas Cook Group is no more. Known as one of Europe’s biggest travel brands and one of the oldest tour companies in the world, the company announced its end on Monday, September 23. When the bankruptcy announcement was made, some flights were still in the air! This was an incredibly shocking piece of news in the travel industry. Has the Thomas Cook collapse impacted your travel plans? Keep reading to see what steps to take next.

This abrupt announcement left thousands of travelers stranded at airports, mid-flight, abroad, and has impacted future travel for individuals. It will also impact tourism as a whole all over the globe. All travel bookings were effected, including flights, holidays, and tours. If you have a current or future trip that was booked with Thomas Cook Group or Thomas Cook Airlines, you will be unable to travel as originally planned.

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If you’re affected by this bankruptcy, there are some steps that you can take. We’ve outlined the options below:

The U.K.’s Civil Aviation Authority has stepped in to help Brits who are stranded with a repatriation plan. Specific details can be found on this website. From September 23 through October 6, CAA will offer CAA-operated flights or will transfer passengers to other available flights. Note: This is only available to U.K. citizens. 

After October 6, those with scheduled flights back to the U.K. will need to make their own arrangements to get home. 

If you booked a package holiday with Thomas Cook, your journey and hotel stays might be protected by ATOL. If so, you would have gotten an ATOL document at the time of booking. Take a look at your original booking documents to check whether you’re covered. If protected, you should make a claim to get a refund. If you’re ATOL protected and your hotel is asking for you to make a payment, do not do so. 

If you have a Thomas Cook flight that is not ATOL protected and are not a U.K. citizen, your trip is canceled. You should seek other arrangements for a refund. 

What else can you do? We suggest reaching out to your credit card issuer or bank or contacting your travel insurance provider for details and to learn more about the claims process. Coverage and refund eligibility will vary greatly depending on your benefits. 

U.S. travelers who are stranded abroad can contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate for more information, but new travel arrangements will need to be made individually. 

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