June 8, 2023

Have you ever wished that you were a celebrity—even just for a day? Most people have probably hoped for this to be true at least once in their lifetime. Celebrities have a life full of glam and special treatment. While it may not be a life that is always perfect, it does come with its perks. Now you, too, can be treated like them for at least a few hours. With Blacklane PASS, you can get VIP treatment at the airport and experience what it’s like to fly like a celeb. It’s easy to take advantage of this service and can make the airport a lot more exciting.

Book a service with Blacklane Pass online to experience premium airport treatment. There are different experiences available depending on your needs. 

For starters, you can pay $200 to skip the security lines and get access to concierge service. Your concierge will help you with your luggage and get you where you need to go. If you’re traveling with friends or family, the first person costs $200, while additional travelers cost less. The total amount you pay will depend on how many people in your party. For example, the concierge service for four passengers costs $500.

When booking, choose whether you’re looking to book arrival service, departure service, or connection service. With arrival service, your concierge will meet you at your gate, expedite you through immigration and customs, and coordinate ground transport.

With connection service, a concierge member will meet you at your arrival gate. They will also expedite you through immigration and customs and help you re-check your luggage if necessary. Finally, they will take you to a lounge or waiting area and escort you to your departure gate. It’s that simple.

And with departure service, your concierge will meet you curbside at the terminal. They will escort you to the front of the line and take you to your lounge or waiting area. They will also accompany you to your departure gate.

Lounge passes are available as well as an upgrade or a standalone service. If you don’t already have airport lounge access, you can pay $50 per person for this experience. Access to a comfortable lounge makes waiting for your flight way more enjoyable eat, drink, and rest up all you want.

If you want to add more glam and adventure to your airport experience, you may want to give Blacklane PASS a try. Everyone deserves a little VIP treatment. 

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