March 20, 2023

When traveling long distances for business or pleasure it is important to have adequate personal space, the comforts of home, and conveniences of the office. These three airlines have gone the extra mile to ensure your flight is nothing less than luxurious.


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First Class: Etihad has taken first class to the next level with full apartment suites. These extravagant airline apartments feature a six-foot ten-inch bed, twenty-four-inch touch screen TV giant leather chair, walkway, vanity unit complete with a make-up mirror, and a wardrobe closet. nEach of these apartments is furnished with an amenities kit containing an eyeshade, socks, lip balm, lotion, cologne, toothbrush, and toothpaste. The first class bathroom offers a shower and a full line of toiletries for your convenience. All flights offer a chef-prepared a la carte menu and meals can be ordered at any time.

Business Class: Relax and enjoy a massaging chair in your business class suite. These seats also recline into a full-length beds and there are dividers to provide privacy from the aisle as well as your neighbor. The suite also includes an amenities kit and an eighteen inch on-demand TV for your viewing pleasure. Every suite has direct aisle access along with a side table, extra storage space, and a meal table.


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First Class: Onboard the A-380 you will find your private closed doors suite complete with a flat screen TV, table lamp, meal table, minibar, and a bed. Emirates offers exclusive wines and gourmet a-la-carte menu options served upon your request. If you desire to socialize, there is a lounge and full bar onboard as well. The first class bathroom is home to a shower and vanity for freshening up on your flight.

Business Class:Though you do not receive a private closed doors suite in business class, you can enjoy all of the same amenities. The business class seats are spacious and have a lay flat option along with power outlets and storage space for your important documents and electronics.

Air France

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First Class:Simply slide the curtains closed and disappear into a world of your own. First class suites include a memory foam mattress, a large ottoman, lamp table, and twenty-four inch TV. Enjoy a comfort kit with toiletries, a bathrobe, socks, slippers, eye mask, comb, and ear plugs. The flight attendants are on staff for your own tailored service.

Business Class: Make yourself comfortable or get to work since these business class “seats” are ideal for both. Your personal screen is equipped with hundreds of on-demand channels, there are plenty of power outlets and a set of noise-canceling headphones. You are also welcome to log into the Air France Play app and download your favorite newspapers and magazines. When you are ready to rest recline back into a full-length bed and enjoy the contents of your comfort kit.

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