June 9, 2023

One of the biggest concerns of people who travel to foreign countries or different continents refers to their safety. Whether they are traveling for business or leisure reasons, they all wish to enjoy secure hotel accommodation topped by highly responsive and supportive customer service. Hoteliers need to permanently work at improving the safety degree of their properties and turn their hotels into secure environments that are impenetrable.

Be A Savvy Hotelier!

A hotel manager might need years to build a reputation, but he can lose everything he has worked for in less than 5 minutes – the time a professional burglar will need to break into a vulnerable hotel room. Do not allow a single criminal act of burglary or unauthorized access ruin your brand in a heartbeat. Be proactive, plan, observe, take measures and be cautious 24/7:

  • Train your customer support personnel so they are permanently concerned about security; everyone from your front desk personnel to your valets or the cleaning personnel need to stay friendly and supportive, interact with customers and remain vigilant. They need to respect all pre-established security protocol. Most hotel front desks will have an alarm button that can be triggered from beneath the desk whenever a reasonable doubt concerning the identity or truthfulness of a presumed guest walks into the lobby or at the front desk. Armed robberies inside hotels can also be immediately communicated to the local authorities with the help of the same hotel alert protocol. In order to ensure all security alarms, wireless or wired alarms, CCTV or surveillance camera systems are working at full capacity at all times, hotels need to work together with nearby commercial locksmiths. These people need to go through additional background checks as they will be eventually handed with the keys or access cards to a hotel, fix pr install commercial grade deadbolt locks – and potentially serve themselves with copies when no one is watching. So it is mandatory hotels only collaborate with authorized and licensed locksmiths with proven experience, positive rating and reviews on behalf of industry rating bodies, as well as proof of being insured and bonded.

  • Review key card access constantly. Recently, a hacker participating in a security conference displayed some great vulnerabilities in hotel room locks produces by a huge manufacturer – whose locks were used in more than 7 million hotel rooms at a global level. Now the respective manufacturer is working hard at fixing the faulty mechanisms with the help of hardware retooling. In other words, commercial locksmiths like the ones you can find here https://www.247dclocksmiths.com/car and who also offer automotive and residential service are called in and asked to rekey locks and fix the vulnerable hardware pieces. A burglar only needs a few tools himself and some simple programming skills and he can get into a hotel room in just a few minutes.

  • This is why it is essential hotels work together with locksmiths to permanently check and repair, update or replace locks that are no longer doing their job. Moreover, hotels need to make sure their key card access systems cannot be easily hacked and accessed.

  • Hoteliers need to permanently encourage and remind guests to use lock bars and chains or deadbolts when getting back to their rooms and getting ready to go to sleep at night.

  • Post security guards at the front entrance. This is another solution that will give guests more peace of mind.

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