March 27, 2023

So you've decided to finally visit the United States, or you live here for a while but you never really had the chance to visit all states or certain areas tourists all around the world come here for every year. If you are planning on renting a car or driving your own car to your thrilling destinations, it is good idea to take all the precaution measures you can so you travel and come back in one piece.

How To Secure Your Car Before Hitting The Road

  • Opt for car windows made of security glass or Enhanced Protection Glazing if possible; these windows have been specially designed to prevent the regular car window smashing attacks where thieves grab everything they can through a broken window and escape.

  • See if the car you will be driving is fitted with doors that lock automatically so they can prevent car hijackings in traffic or parking lots. If you are not sure what sort of locks you are looking at, you can easily get in touch with a fast car locksmith in Philadelphia and ask all the questions you need to ask. You can even ask for a full inspections of your door and trunk locks and ignition in case it tends to get jammed from time to time and have everything fixed. You can also reprogram your transponder key in case you wish to feel safer before traveling thousands of miles throughout the United States.

  • Determine whether your car doors have an alarm or an immobilizer; see if you can get a fast upgrade from the factory-fitted kit.

  • If you want to play it safe, you can buy a steering wheel lock and learn how to use it. You should be able to more effectively foil potential car thieves and criminals with a burning interest for keyless ignition vehicles. If you are not sure how to use such a lock, you can talk to an automotive locksmith and set up all the necessary details and instructions.

  • Install a hidden GPS tracking devices somewhere inside your car so in case it gets stolen somewhere in a gas station parking lot while you were having lunch with your family at a nearby diner, you can easily report it stolen and get in back.

Protect Your Car Keys At All Times

The simplest way someone can get a hold of tour car is to actually lay his hands on your car keys first. Which means during your exciting trip you will need to keep your eyes on your keys nonstop and never leave them out of your sight. Even before you leave home, you will need to safely guard the keys inside your castle. If you normally stick them on the wall in a special key holder near the front door, make sure your deadbolt lock is sturdy enough and your door is never left unlocked, even when you are at home. A thief only needs a fraction of a second to try the door handle, sneak in and steak your keys then be on his way without you even knowing what has happened.

Where To Park Your Car While Traveling

Use a locked garage every time you have the chance so you can make it very hard for criminals to reach it; you will also get your money off the car insurance should you use a locked garage that has been properly inspects and maintained by a professional locksmith who also handles garage doors.

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