June 7, 2023

Get a bird’s-eye view of Japan’s largest metropolis from the soaring Tokyo SKYTREE

Experience Tokyo from the ground up – start in the SKYTREE subway stop and work your way to the very top of old Edo.
Tokyo’s not exactly known for its subtlety, so it came as no surprise that when the Tokyo SKYTREE opened in May 2012, it measured in as the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. At 2,080 feet, its height is nearly double that of the Tokyo Tower.

The first observation deck sits 1150 feet in the sky and is made of 16-foot glass panels which offer a 360-degree view of more than 40 miles of Japan’s bustling capital. Squint on a clear day and you’ll even see Mount Fuji in the distance. Traveling to the 445th floor by way of a glass tube elevator affords a view from a deck that stands 1,476 feet in the air, making it the fourth-tallest observation deck on the planet.

The SKYTREE blends a traditional Japanese aesthetic with a neo-futuristic design that gleams against the city’s blue skies with a custom “SKYTREE White” color meant to harmonize with the surrounding scenery rather than compete with it. One thing, however, that does require some competition are the throngs of locals and visitors all awaiting their trip up the elevator for a front-row photo opportunity. Purchasing tickets in advance will eliminate one of the lines, but be prepared for an hour’s wait for that staggering view.

If acrophobia keeps your feet planted firmly on the ground, take them on a walk to nearby Tokyo Solamachi. This shopping and dining destination offers the same views of the city (request a window seat at the seasonal Italian, La Sora Seed) without the crowds or the wobbly knees.

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