June 7, 2023

Flying in and out of LAX or JFK can be a busy, stressful experience. Traffic in these cities is no joke, and the airports can be packed full of people. American Airlines has taken steps to make commuting to and from your flight much easier. They’ve recently partnered with BLADE to make it simple to charter a private helicopter and get expedited service so you can get where you need to go a lot faster. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting partnership and what it means for you.

Expanding upon their already existing American Airlines Five Star Service, this new service will make life better for busy travelers. With BLADE, it’s possible to skip the long lines of people at the airport and avoid time-consuming standstill traffic. Travelers begin their journey at a BLADE pick-up location and will fly to LAX or JFK in fifteen minutes or less. An American Airlines team member will then meet them as they get off the helicopter, where a Cadillac will escort the traveler to check-in. After making their way through an expedited TSA screening, travelers can spend any extra time relaxing in a private lounge.

Credit: BLADE

This service is also available for travelers who are arriving into LAX or JFK airports. Upon arrival, travelers will be met by an American Airlines team member and will be escorted to baggage claim (or this step will be skipped if they’re only bringing carry-on items) and finally to the BLADE terminal to hop aboard the helicopter.

Credit: American Airlines

To take advantage of this service, travelers can book through the BLADE app, and then can add on the American Airlines services to get all the extra perks mentioned above.

The airline has also partnered with the exclusive The Private Suite at LAX. This private terminal is the same one that celebrities use, and it offers a more comfortable, crowd-free airport experience. Access to The Private Suite service is available to American Airlines customers flying in premium cabins and can be booked by calling the Five Star Service team.

If you value convenience and are a frequent American Airlines flyer, this is something that you’ll want to check out! It can change how you feel about flying, and you’ll no longer dread heading to the airport.

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