March 27, 2023

Pa’s Trek offers a true Cook Islands adventure

The highest point on Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands, is called the Needle, where you can see ancient gods carved into its side.
The largest of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga, may be the most developed island, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still offer adventure.

Get in on the action with Pa’s Treks, led by Pa Teuruaa, a local guide, medicine man and endurance athlete. His cross island trek takes visitors on a vigorous climb across Rarotonga’s uninhabited center, through the forest to the highest point on the island, the Needle.

The walk begins on a gently sloping road that takes visitors through fields of nono trees and taro root. Along the way, Teuruaa shares his vast knowledge of the area and its flora and fauna, pointing out the medical purposes of leaves and roots as well as the traditional uses of plants in Polynesian culture.

As hikers approach the Needle, the trek becomes steeper and more challenging, though the trip offers incredible views of the rolling mountains and lagoons of the island. Participants will also see ceremonial stones and pictographs, as well as be treated to local legends of the ancient Polynesians.

Pa’s Treks also offers a nature walk, a gentler tour that is still extremely informative about the natural landscape.

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