April 2, 2023

If you’re not the biggest fan of hanging out at the airport, it may be time to invest in services that can make airport life easier. Many travelers choose to purchase TSA Pre-check or Global Entry so they can have less stress while at the airport. You may assume TSA Pre-check is the best choice, but if you plan to travel internationally even a couple of times in the next few years, you’ll find choosing Global Entry is the better investment to make. Keep reading to see why Global Entry is a smart buy for busy travelers like you.

You may be considering investing in of these services, but might be confused about the benefits and features of TSA Pre-check vs. Global Entry. We suggest investing in a Global Entry membership since it offers more perks — but we’ll explain what benefits are offered with each service.

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TSA Pre-Check is a service that expedites TSA security screening at participating airports. You’ll have a shorter security line and won’t need to remove your liquids, belts, light jackets, laptops, or shoes while going through the security checkpoint. This membership lasts five years and costs $85 to apply. TSA Pre-Check is currently available at 200+ airports.

While traveling abroad, Global Entry helps you re-enter the United States quickly at participating airports. All you need to do is head to the Global Entry kiosk to check-in, and you’ll be good to go. That means no waiting in a long line with everyone else from your plane! A huge added perk is your Global Entry will also come with TSA Pre-Check Eligibility. Yes, that means TSA Pre-Check is also included in this membership. Once approved, your Global Entry membership lasts five years. To apply, you’ll need to pay a $100 application fee. Currently, 50+ airports have Global Entry Kiosks.

As you can see, the smarter buy is Global Entry. For only $15 more, you get both faster processing and shorter lines when entering the US and shorter security wait times at US airports that accept TSA Pre-Check. We have a feeling this will make your time at the airport a lot more enjoyable. Before investing in either service, take a look at your credit card perks. Many travel credit cards offer a credit if you use their card to pay your application fee.

Are you ready to spend less time at the airport? Learn more about Global Entry and start the application process.

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