March 20, 2023

If you’ve ever flown in and out of JFK, you know how crazy busy this airport can be. It can also be a challenge to get in and out of the city before or after your flight. If you’re sick of taking a cab or driving and waiting in a lot of traffic, there are other options out there. Uber recently announced its plan to offer helicopter rides between JFK and Manhattan starting this month.

The new on-demand service, nicknamed Uber Copter, will be available starting this month. Instead of spending a 1 to 2-hour journey by car between JFK and Manhattan, travelers can now get where they need to be in less than thirty minutes. A combination of cars and helicopters will be used in the process. The helicopter ride itself takes about eight minutes. The price will range from $200 to $225. The pricing will depend on timing and demand, similarly to Uber ridesharing services.

Credit: Shutterstock

As part of the service, Uber Copter will take travelers to and from the helipad via private ground transportation. The service will only be available to Platinum and Diamond Uber rewards members, but Uber hopes to expand the service to more travelers in the future. The service can be pre-booked up to 1 hour prior and up to 5 days in advance. Each passenger can bring a personal item and one small carry-on item up to 40lbs.

If you’re a busy and frequent traveler, this may be a service you want to consider using. Uber isn’t the first transportation service to offer helicopter rides between JFK and Manhattan, and they will have some competition. BLADE also provides this service to busy NYC travelers.

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